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Grounded on principles of trust, respect and authentic reciprocity, we build constructive relationships with Clients across the globe and explore exciting possibilities through productive and meaningful collaborations.


As a Navigation Officer with the merchant marine, Sean Segran sailed around the globe visiting various countries and experiencing different cultures by the time he turned twenty-one. In the ensuing years, having left the life of a mariner, Sean explored a different vista: the exciting landscape of 21st century enterprises and organizations. Gaining extensive experience in Human Resource Management, Corporate Communications, Community Development, Marketing and Manufacturing, Sean found his niche and calling in the field of Human Resource Development. He received his post-graduate qualification in this field from the University of Newcastle, Australia, followed by his master's degree in Leadership and Organizational Development.

​He specializes in developing and conducting Leadership, Team Building & Communication Programs. His Organizational Development programs have benefited various organizations ranging from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. Driven by a passion for continuous improvement, Sean Segran routinely adds value to the services he provides to his Clients. He is currently authoring a book entitled 'Dinosaurs to Deming - The Evolution of Leadership'. Sean is the founder and principal consultant at The Segran Group.


​John Kirk is the Vice President of Kane Corporation, a firm that has been involved in business development, marketing and financing over the past decade for emerging companies in various sectors. Kane’s associate firms throughout North America, Europe and Asia provide opportunity for emerging companies to grow their respective markets through corporate developments, expansion opportunities and finance. Kane specializes in programs ranging from initial financial modelling, through to production, marketing and ongoing support to develop and propel companies directly towards institutional participation/sponsorship strategies.

John’s stellar track record and on-going management experience qualify him as the go-to resource for developing realistic and achievable business models and initiate infrastructures that will ultimately achieve business goals and create the ideal value for a successful enterprise. ​John provides his valuable expertise and experience to galvanize the strategic endeavors of The Segran Group. 


Lynn Wee has been an active participant in the Independent Film Industry for nearly a decade. She moved to Vancouver to study film at Emily Carr University of Art and Design after graduating with a Diploma in Multimedia at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. She has since received a Bachelor's Degree in Film, Video and Integrated Media.

Lynn is the Director of Media with The Segran Group. In this capacity she acts as the liaison for the firm with local, regional and national media outlets, as well as managing, planning and implementing social media marketing. In addition to her primary role, Lynn provides support and resources to our marketing teams to effectively carry out their  projects for the company.  

In addition the being a great team-player, Lynn's flexibility, adaptability and the ability to learn quickly in various technical and creative environments, while delivering quality work by tight deadlines, are attributes that she enjoys bringing to the business. 


Our Project Teams comprise of highly talented and energetic individuals who work with the company on a project to project basis. They include freelancing professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, motivated interns and driven sales specialists.

The Segran Group creates a win-win environment and provides an industry-leading performance-based compensation and benefits program for the members of our Project Teams, thus retaining the best talents who are committed to our Clients.

The firm also uses its proven internal resources to provide Leadership and Team skills to its Project Team members thereby empowering them to excel in their performance at work and experience growth in their personal lives.

The firm is always looking out for new talent and individuals who would like to be part of The Segran family are welcome to send a description of their life's-learning, talents and passion to  

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